Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I did this card awhile ago, for American greetings...and I thought it was appropriate on a cold and rainy day, like today. ( Even though it's raining, the cloud still looks happy)

Needle Felted Ellie ♡

Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Spring

It's so wet in Ohio, I wish the sun would come out and the rain would end. We have had 28 days of rain and clouds in April...only 3 days total of sun all month, and May isn't panning out to be much better, so far...5 days of rain and clouds for this coming week, ugh! I am getting depressed....my lawn looks awful, and I can't even get outside to clean up sticks and leaves from the Fall/Winter. Oh, well, in the mean time...I found this cute little pixie pic I took awhile back...sitting on a huge mushroom, that had sprouted in our side yard. I thought she looked happy and Spring like...so, Happy Spring, and may warmer and sunny weather eventually make it's way to us!...Please?

All Packaged Up

Needle Felted Bunny Necklaces

I made a bunch of these...they were all different colors and all on different colored chains...I still have to send some to a few of my friends...better late than never?

Easter Swap with Vivian ♥

Here is another great swap gift from my friend Vivian. We have been swapping for every holiday, for over a year now. I love her artwork...she is so talented...and I am glad I have gotten to know her!

Treats for Friends

I made up several Easter treat bags for my friends at work...they liked them :)