Thursday, June 25, 2009

funky flowers

These are bigger buckets than the smaller treat cups...I still need to put handles on them and add a few more things, but I thought they were bright and fun for the summer, or any time!
As you can see, I am crafting and making things like crazy....the problem is, I start too many things, before I completely finish the previous one...I am very ADD when it comes to crafting...I guess once I get going I think of a million things, and want to do them all at once! It's not working....I have tons of almost finished projects, so I am trying to make it my goal to actually finish up a few things every week, so I can actually put these things in my Etsy store! When I finally do get them in my store, there will be ALOT!

patriotic elephant

I've painted several trays with a patriotic theme, this one of them, although it isn't quite finished, as I still need to add some glitter, rhinestones etc.

4th of July

Here's my 4th of July treat cups....I made about 24 of these recently...once i get into production mode, look out!

pink and blue

I've been on a treat cup making roll...I make them for all different holidays and occasions. I just did these pink and blue, for no particular reason....but I guess they'd be good for a baby shower.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hey lady

Little ladybug, who likes to drink tea and brings her own cup...I'm still kinda workin on it...

I love Gnomes

Another 8X8 painting...i just like gnomes right now, and I don't know why...

sparkly elephant

I'v e been doing a bunch of 8X8 canvas paintings and then I collage on them...this is one of them...I added tons of sequins, rhinestones, glitter etc...