Saturday, September 5, 2009

Yeah!!! My Etsy store is finally open after 2 years! I am finally in business...below are a few things that are in my shop. I will be posting a lot more, plus I'm still working on Halloween! Please stop by and check it out! Thanks, blogger friends! Let me know what you think!

Blue bird friend

Paper clay sculpture that is currently available in my Etsy shop.

Gnome Sweet Gnome

Paper clay sculpture, that is currently available in my Etsy shop.

I love Robots

Paper clay sculpture, on top of painted box with glitter. Available in my Etsy shop...

Halloween cat pillow

This is one of many Halloween cat pillows I've made...I keep him out all year in my studio.

Senor Skelly

Got this cute little guy at Target a few years ago, when they had Day of the Dead type decorations...He is jointed and sits with his dangly legs on a shelf.

Up close with Dikkens

Cute little face!


Here is a cute little devi pixie, that a Flickr friend sent me..I LOVE him! ( She has sent several of us one) Anyhow, he came still in his original bag...with a tag that says Dikkens (that's his name) and he was made in 1968...I will always treasure this fun, truly vintage gift! ****check out my Flickr site for more Dikkens photos...we have formed a group around this guy...
As I look at all the things i make, I have one running theme...googly eyes and teeth...

Candy Container

I made this last year for a friend, as a hostess gift...he is more like a candy bowl, as he stood about 14" tall. I put candy in his head ( orange and black wrapped peanut butter friends fave) I may try and make some more of depends if I run out of time...

A little batty

I sculpted this guy last year...I was going to sell him, but I kinda like him, so I kept it...I like his little pig nose! I am going to be making more bats to put in my Etsy shop.

Halloween is coming!!!

Just love this vintage inspired Halloween card, done in letterpress....
Hi, sure has been a while since I have posted anything...I guess I have too many things going, with Flickr,Etsy, Facebook, that I have been neglecting my Blog! Anyhow, Summer sure has flown by, but now Fall is approaching...yeah!!! This is my favorite time of the year, and I am busy making Halloween things...which I will post as I get them done...also stop by my Etsy shop and take a look. After 2 years, I finally have put something in it! Happy Labor Day weekend to all!