Thursday, June 10, 2010

I just noticed...I have a red polka dot mushroom fetish, apparently...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello It's Me

Just being silly with my rhinestone patriotic glasses.

Hello, Friends

Flowers to Brighten This Dreary Day

Here are some more felt/beaded flowers that I have been making...thought I'd post them, since it's so cloudy and rainy, North Eastern Ohio:(

B Is For Brent

I made this for my husband, Brent, for his birthday a few years ago...I have also made one of these for all my friends and family, as gifts at one time or another....I just get big paper mache letters and paint them, then embellish them with whacky stuff...or things that are their interests, or hobbies...I put family names, kids, pets, etc. in them as well...or I go with a particular color theme...whatever strikes me at the time. They are fun to make...I love gluing the stuff on ...reminds me of crafts in grade school, only I'm better at it now LOL!

I ♥ Needle Felting!

We learned how to needle felt at work several weeks back...and I absolutely love doing it! It is so much fun, and quite easy...and I find it very may have seen the patriotic elephant that I posted a bit ago, that was also done in needle felt...I thought I'd share a few other things I did as well...I have actually been felting up a storm! I am workin on some funky Halloween creatures...they will be unveiled later this summer.

Batman and Robin

As I stated in an earlier post...I love Batman....I have several Batman shirts, books, etc...and my husband is a huge Batman fan as for his Birthday last year I sculpted him this cartoon version of Batman and Robin...still need to add capes. His birthday is quickly approaching again...gotta do something else...maybe Bat Girl or Cat Woman?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Felt and Beaded Patriotic Flowers

I just keep making these...perhaps I will use them on some craft?...not sure...I just like to make them....

I ♥ America!

This is one of my MANY sock monkies, dressed in his patriotic sweater...My Aunt made him :)

Sweet and Sleepy Keenan

This is Keenan, one of my Border Collies...he is such a sweetie, and loves to be loved...he has stolen my spot on the couch....but he is sooo cute, how could I possibly make him move?

Hello, Friends!

Cookie Time

This is on one of my counters in the my Cookie Time cookie jar!


This is the entry way, of my house, by the front door...

Works in Progress

I like to sculpt elephants...probably because my Niece collects them, so here are a few I have is made of paper clay, the other, needle felted....( Needle felting, by the way, is now one of my favorite things to do! )

I LOVE Red and White Polka Dots! ( thus my blog name )

A Patriotic Drink, Perhaps?

Patriotic Treat Cups

Made these last year...and I still have quite a few left...may put some on my etsy store, when I get it up and running.

Let Summer Begin!

You will see that I am a bit of a patriotic nut...I love red, white, and blue and flag memorabillia...I have my decorations up in my house from Memorial Day, until Labor Day...this signifies the beginning of Summer, and Summer means the 4th of July, cookouts, parades, and all that fun through out the summer...I will be posting my patriotic crafts, decor, and photos...hope you enjoy!

Sweet Ride

Thought this was cute...these little girls had their Sury decorated all patriotic, and they had their patriotic attire on as well.

The High School Marching Band

The Vets

Here's what our country is all about...the men that fought to keep us free...I salute you!

Memorial Day Parade

Every year our little town has a Memorial Day's tradition...while it is nothing fancy, I think it's neat to see this little slice of Americana...and that it stills exists. Hope you enjoy the few photos that I have taken.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This is to wish my Mom a Happy Mother's well as all you other Moms. I hope you have an extra special day, because you deserve it! (this is our family portrait from 1968)

Happy Friday!

Hello, friends...just wanted to say, Happy Friday! Thank goodness, it's the end of the week...I really need a weekend and several Bud Lights!!!!!

Hey Little Cupcake

Birthday card i did for a friend on Flickr. I guess I am going through an animated food phase...


Birthday card I did for a friend on Flickr...liked the owl image, so i thought I'd share it with you...

MMMM Strawberry time

Strawberry stickers I made just because...


Did this piece of art awhile ago for American Greetings....I just thought it was bright and cheery, on such a gloomy grey day here, in Cleveland...


I don't know if most people know that i LOVE Batman...was my all time favorite as a husband is a Batman fan as well. One day , I was just playing around and I drew this ode to Batman. He is the kid version.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easter Nook in My Kitchen

Love daffodils, and my green Fiesta ware!

Easter Tree

Here is a better view of my tree.

Bunny on My Tree

Here's one of my Easter ornaments on my tree....

Bunny Beaded Ornaments

Made these from pipe cleaners, cupcake picks, and beads.

Mmmm Easter Candy Bars....

Made these candy bars for easter treat bags

Bunnies From Vintage Stock

Made these from vintage stock and pipe cleaners...they look bright and cheery on the white easter feather tree...

Pine Cone Bunnies

Been making pine cone rabbits ...wanted them to have a vintage feel...they are almost done, and I will post a picture of the finished product!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I Love You Deer

Just posting a few of my vintage Valentines...I have many, so I will try and post a few every day...I just love this cute little deer.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gotta Love a Cute Mushroom

As you can see, I love red polka dots...well, any polks dots, but red and white are my favorite, and lately, I've been into red polka dot mushrooms, so one day at lunch, I doodled this cute mushroom, for Valentines Day, in mind. Hope you like him!

Early Work of Art

I found this drawing of Gumby that I did as a very small child. I loved Gumby and Pokey , and would play with them for the way, the artist ( Art Clokey) that came up with Gumby recently passed away, I will post this in his honor...who knew I would become a professional artist some day?

Friday, January 22, 2010


I sculpted several ice cream cones with cute little faces....and I took a picture of this one and photoshopped it into a card...

Love Bird

I did this just for the heck of it...I love to just doodle on my computer...a lot of the times, my mindless doodles are some of my best works...

Love Ya!

Here's an illustration I did awhile back that is being used on card product...I did this in a workshop.

Red and Pink

I know these are really Christmas decorations (I made them) but they look Valentiny, since they are red and pink...I may put them out with my Valentine feather tree.

Come Fly with Me

I did this illustration last year, but never posted it on my blog, and now that it's getting near Valentines Day...I thought I would. I am going to try and post a lot of Valentine illustrations and doodles, as well as some of my vintage Valentines, and stuff I make...we'll see...