Sunday, April 19, 2009


Just a "few" yoyos I've been making...I like to sew these while I watch TV...I find it mindless and therapeutic. I have a ton more than these. I use alot of them on many of the things I make.

sock monkey slippers

It's cold out today...and yesterday was so nice and feet are cold so I'm gonna put on my sock monkey slippers!

Why Am I SO cute?

The dogs were outback all day yesterday, while we were doing yard work. It was such a nice, warm day....and Keenan was just sitting on the back steps taking a break.

Keenan and Reagan

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I love sock monkeys!

This is the love seat in my front room. I have filled it with some of my sock monkey collection.

Rainy day

Which pair shall I wear on this rainy day?

Monday, April 13, 2009

women heads

Just a few of the women head vases that I have collected over the years...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

works in progress

Hi, I am posting examples of some of the Easter projects that I have been working on...this is my studio desk...messy and crowded, glitter everywhere, paint, you name it. I wanted to show my works in progress...

Works in progress

This is the desk in my studio...i am very messy, when I am working, as you can see. I have a lot of these small paintings that I am trying to finish up before Easter. ( I think I am running out of times...yikes!) Just wanted to show my work, as I am creating and finishing them...I will post a few of the finished pieces, when i am done.

Easter bunnies

Boy and girl bunnies. I'm still working on them...

Just sittin around

Bunny and chickie painting, just waiting to be finished. I have to paint patterns on all 4 sides and add all th extra elements, like glitter, rhinestones, fabric etc...

2 bunnies

Here's a few of the smaller paintings...they have been glittered, but I still need to add bits and pieces of fabric, rhinestones etc...anything to glitz it up a bit. I love sparkly shiny things!


This is one of the smaller paintings, I all the other ones, he's still not quite done.

Easter friends

Just a small painting...I still have to add the finishing touches.

Easter trays

These are a few of the Easter trays that I am trying to finish...I still need to grunge them up a bit and add embellishments.